Tamisha L Tan


I'm a third year Ph.D student in the Department of Linguistics at Harvard University.

My research primarily focuses on morphosyntactic theory through the lens of understudied languages and Historical Linguistics. I am particularly interested in the extent to which we can model (im)possible diachronic change in a principled and constrained manner and especially in the phenomena of grammaticalisation and syntactic reanalysis. Topics I've been looking at recently include predication, applicativisation, prosody-syntax mapping, and case assignment in a range of constructions.

Originally from Singapore, I work on languages and language contact across the Indo-European, Austronesian, and Sino-Tibetan families and am associated with the Linguistics and Multilingual Studies department at Nanyang Technological University. Before coming to Cambridge, MA, I completed my undergraduate studies in Cambridge, UK. In my free time, I enjoy video games, making hand-pulled noodles, and jigsaw puzzles.